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You’re on a journey. You’re a wanderer, an explorer. You seek adventure, you dream of being teleported out of your familiar world. You crave excitement, love, discovery, friendship, justice, survival, freedom, wide horizons.

You meet a fellow traveller. Here I am.


I crave the same as you. I’ve been looking for stories to sweep me away and to spit me out the other end, sometimes changed or relieved, other times calm and brimming with energy. Or just plain stronger, and ready to kick ass in the harsh world again.

Like you, I've found many stories like this, and like you, I'm forever looking for more.

Because I believe stories are a gift. They contain the universe. They keep our worldview wide, our passions alive. And because reading has always been my lifeline. Come hell or high water, reading is my lifesaver. I want to pay the gift forward.

Sometimes, I’ve felt I had too many passions in my life: sciences, physics, music, singing and acting… it even expanded into web development and database administration. I’ve been torn, until I saw it: to me, writing is the one act that can bring them all together.

So I opted for putting in the work. Years of dedicated practice, ongoing, metabolizing the craft of storytelling: structural work, character development, world building, drafting, and drafting again, with an absolute trust and devotion for the whole process, for better or for worse.

Me, I get my kicks out of dreaming up astonishing worlds packed with a sharp palette of badass, quirky people who get tangled up in all manners of meaningful trouble. Often funny, sometimes disquieting, always exciting.

Don't miss out on this! Let me send you my best work.

Come marvel at mind-boggling, deep swathes of space-time. Come revel in the kickass adventures that take place there-then.

I believe each time you dive into a good book, you come out better off at the other end, because you've gained a new, flaring spark that will stick with you until the end of times, helping you fend off the pits and falls that might have consumed you otherwise.

Be a badass reader! Read my latest, free story today: Cradle.