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Gravity Girl

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

(Gravity Shattered, Book 1)

By V.R. Friesen

No wonder I was drawn to this book from the moment I saw its title!

The story I'm writing is set aboard a large O'Neal Cylinder city-starship: Seven is a long array of space habitats made of huge rotating cylinders that provide a near-perfect illusion of gravity on the inside. My characters have to deal with various gravity conditions depending on where they travel within the city: Earth-like gravity at the one-gee level (the citizens of Seven call it legitgee), or hypergravity (hypergee) down the underlevels, and then, microgravity (microgee) and no gravity at all (nogee) as they move up to the central rotational axis of the city. Out on the outer hulls of the districts, gravity could be negative in places—hang on tight to that cable...

That's the setting I'm developing and using at the moment, so naturally, I'm very curious to see how other authors approach all things gravity; things like gravity gradients, and shifting gravity conditions, and how humans manage to cope with them.

Now, take a look at this!

Gravity Girl, by V.R. Friesen
Gravity Girl's brilliant cover crystallized my urge to read it.
Gravity Girl by V.R. Friesen When you know your life has a deadline, why play it safe? Grav-walker Jasper Pine ekes out a risky livelihood as a scavenger in a city full of treacherous and unpredictable gravity zones. But she has a secret, an alien infection that will soon shatter gravity again. This time it could endanger the whole planet. Without a workable cure, Jasper’s only plan is to die before her infection matures. She lives her life fast, wild, and reckless, with no hope for her future. Until one day she meets a feral boy with a secret that might save her. But even if the boy trusted her—which he doesn’t—he’s been captured by a ruthless military cult. In desperation, Jasper turns to Ryan Latrans for help, a charming ex-soldier whose mission threatens her life and freedom. If she’s not careful, he might end up reminding her of why life is worth fighting for. In the zones, trust can be as deadly as hope, but Jasper’s time is running out. What will she risk for a chance to live? A dystopian adventure perfect for fans of strong female protagonists, slow burn romance, found family, and whimsical sci-fi. **Contains violence, adult language and reference to self-harm. (Goodreads)

I love the quote at the beginning of the book:

Things that used to be safe: Dogs Children The ground ~ Veronica Park (Lists of the Apocalypse)

I mean... right? I had to read on!

Gravity Girl is set in a city that underwent a cataclysmic event caused by an alien bacteria with exotic gravitational properties. The Shattering created zones within the city; dangerous places where gravity is reversed, sometimes side-gee, other times... up-gee. Gear up for climbing!

This is the perfect location for a fun and captivating story.

The world depicted is so vivid, I had no trouble picturing in my mind how the zones worked, how treacherous they were and how hazardous the zone transitions would be—especially when near invisible.

But there's more.

To these breathtaking settings, now add this: an extensive cast of well-drawn, compelling characters and factions, a well fleshed culture and a clever plot, rich with generous doses of conflict and humour, nicely complex relationships, riveting action and mystery... I was in for a good deal of honest, great reading.

From the get go, I rooted for grav-walker Jasper Pine, the protagonist of Gravity Girl (kids call her da pine girl.) She was affected by the shattering in a way no one else was in the city. And she's a ticking time bomb...

In the end, the promise from the opening quote was well fulfilled: these zone kids really were not to trifled with, and of course... the ground. Not for the faint of heart!

I read Gravity Girl more than two months ago, and I've been wondering about it ever since: how does the story unravel over the next two books? I want to know! It's a source of inspiration for me, so I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

Next items on my reading list: Gravity Curse and Gravity Tower.

The Gravity Shattered Trilogy

Gravity Girl, Book 1 of Gravity Shattered by V.R. Friesen
Gravity Curse, Book 2 of Gravity Shattered by V.R. Friesen
Gravity Tower, Book 3 of Gravity Shattered by V.R. Friesen

But wait...

There's a free prequel novella!

Rules of Crane, Free Prequel Novella by V.R. Friesen


Crane always obeys the rules. But in the zones, rules are like gravity—all a matter of perspective. Get this prequel novella FREE when you sign up for V.R. Friesen's newsletter!


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