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My Glider MVP Website

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

You gotta start somewhere. This is where I start.

Here's a screenshot so we may look back later on, and see what the site was like in the beginning.

... In short: a fully functional, if rather basic website.

MVP, you say?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. (Wikipedia)

Seems like the Wright brothers had something right

Here's a thing we learned from them: before you build your first airplane from scratch, you should start with something simple and light. As much as possible, use affordable bicycle parts, don't ruin yourself over it, and don't spend your whole life building it. And before you beef it up with an engine, first make sure it can glide. Once you have this, then you can start on a bigger one. (I know, the Wright brothers didn't quite invent the very first glider, but I hope you get the drift. Let's keep this simple.)

Keep It Simple Stupid - KISS

Doing it right now. This is my very first post. Short and simple.

Twelve Simple Steps to a Glider MVP Website

My Glider MVP Website...

- was made while following Tim Grahl's online courses: Writer Website In a Weekend and Author Platform 101.

- was made from a simple, lightly modified Wix template.

- has a simple design and a simple colour palette. Plain header and footer. Design and colour palette don't have any special meaning or theme. They don't even reflect my writing genre. This might change in the future, or not.

- shows a couple of decent, amateur pictures of myself.

- has the basic four sections: home, book, bio, links to social networks.

- sports a fledgling blog. Because I wanted it to.

- uses Wix's multilingual feature. Mostly for my mum and dad (love you!).

- presents a basic but tangible reader magnet, and a clear call to action visible on all pages plus a lightbox (popup).

- has a call to action that shows you clearly what to do next: subscribe to my author updates and get a sneak peek at my writing. In case you missed it... see below! (Please ignore if already subscribed.)

- The goal, obviously, is to grow a list.

- I'm using MailerLite to make that list a reality.

See you around!


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