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The Darkness Inside

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

A Prequel to the YA Vampire Series Into The Darkness

by C. Darkly and The Dark Rainbow

Full disclosure!

Courtney Harrell, a.k.a. C. Darkly, is my developmental editor. She's helped me with my writing over the last four years, and it has been a glorious, empowering experience. Courtney is a wonderful person.

She is also a fantastic writer!

This month, C. Darkly launches The Darkness Inside. This is a prequel novella to her upcoming YA vampire series Into The Darkness.


Paris, March 1821. From the get go, I rooted for young Damon*, son of a butcher, as he avoided his father to teach his little brother Éstienne how to milk a goat. Papa’s business was terrible since their big sister, Lydie, refused to go back to her rich, influential employer because he abused her. For money, Papa ordered Damon to kill Madeline, his favorite goat...

Then the story delivered its first punch to the gut.

This is a unique, captivating take on the origin story of a young vampire, set in elegant but socially divided 19th century France.

As I read, I shared Damon’s desire for vengeance. I plotted and waited along with him for five long years of servitude under the rule of a young, sadistic master.

When the time finally came for vengeance, things turned out to be far worse than I thought.

I can’t wait to read what comes next!

*Damon is a very important character in C. Darkly’s upcoming three book YA vampire series Into the Darkness.

“The greatest vampires are not born. They are made.

Sometimes, the only way to destroy an impossible enemy is to die.”

- C. Darkly

C. Darkly writes Young Adult Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, and Horror stories. She has published articles about writing, short fiction stories, and currently has a screenplay and two novels in development. Her debut novel, Into the Darkness, is set in 1900 New York City about a gang of vampire boys and will be released in 2022. C. Darkly has been a guest on podcasts including Story Effect and The Story Grid. The Dark Rainbow is the universe where her stories come to life.

Find C. Darkly at


Nicolas Lemieux
Nicolas Lemieux
3 days ago

They are! You're welcome! 😁


D. L. Lewellyn
D. L. Lewellyn
3 days ago

These stories sound amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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